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About department


The main aim of activity of international relations department is activation of international practice, organization of set on the studies of foreigners and persons without citizenship, listeners, graduate students, participating in realization of general educational projects with the universities of other countries, vocational orientation on bringing in of foreigners on studies in the university.

Activity of Department has the aim of networking of partner connections with foreign establishments of education on questions educational services and realization of academic exchanges (mobility).

To the basic goals to the department belong:

  • realization is in University of the public policy sent to the increase of level of quality of professional preparation of foreign students (listeners, graduate students);
  • establishing connections with embassies and consulates of the foreign states in Ukraine;
  • search of companies-agents with the aim of bringing in of foreign citizens on studies in University;
  • preparation of information about the grant of educational services with the aim of increase of contingent of foreign students in University;
  • grant of informative support to the foreign citizens on questions a receipt by them invitations for studies in University and registration of visas, terms of reception and put, confession and apostille documents about education, and also stay of foreigners on territory of Ukraine;
  • co-ordination together with the Admission authority of the questions related to the entry and put of foreign citizens on studies in the university after the licensed specialities;
  • reception of documents, realization of procedure of put and organization of studies of foreign citizens are on a preparatory department for foreign citizens;
  • co-ordination of questions, foreign students related to the studies on faculties and in institutes;
  • collaboration with the organs of Main administration of national police of Sumy, by Department of security of Ukraine, Government frontier service and Department of Government migratory service of Ukraine in the Sumy area according to questions of activity of Department;
  • collaboration with the associated company MES of Ukraine the «Ukrainian state center of international education», SE «Informatively-imaginary center»;
  • organization of set of participants of the programs of academic exchanges;
  • study of front-rank educational technologies of foreign countries, experience of leading EHE of Ukraine in branch of preparation of foreign students;
  • control after registration of the personal files of foreign students, contracts with foreign students, documents that accompany studies and residence of foreigners in the university;
  • control after timely registration of foreign citizens in the organs of Government migratory service of Ukraine in obedience to a current legislation;
  • providing to the foreigners of organizational and legal support is during realization of procedure of nostrification of foreign documents about higher education, if such are given by them at entering university;
  • registering of contingent of foreigners that study in University and grant of corresponding information on the queries of different establishments;
  • assistance in organization and realization of educator work with foreigners that study in the university, acquaintance of them with the current legislation of Ukraine, generally accepted codes of conduct, Regulations of university, Statute about an educational process, Rules of internal order, Rules of residence in a dormitory.

As basic functions of international relations department come forward:

  • conduct with the legal and natural persons of negotiations in relation to bringing in on the studies of foreign citizens;
  • preparation of projects and signing of agreements on a collaboration with firms-agents with the aim of bringing in of foreigners on studies in University;
  • realization of informative activity, in particular, creation of bases given, preparation of booklets, presentations, conduct of informative site of Department;
  • control after a set and preparation of foreign citizens in University within the limits of competence of international relations department.