Курси англійської мови для викладачів та співробітників

Курси англійської мови для викладачів та співробітників

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Modern scientific, cultural, political, economic, sports life around the world “flows” in English.

English is designated the official and working language of the United Nations. This language is a living instrument of communication for academicians, doctors of sciences, scientists from all over the world. After all, international conferences, the study of world experience and the exchange of information of scientific minds occur only with the use of English.

The importance of the English language in the modern world is so great that its knowledge is not a privilege or luxury. Once upon a time, computers, like mobile phones, could only be afforded by people of a certain social stratum. Now such things are the essentials. The same can be said for English. It is taught by everyone everywhere: in schools, universities, in courses. And in this digital age, anyone can learn English without leaving their home. It is understood that any educated person is simply obliged to speak English, it is a key to further self-education and self-improvement. However, do not think that this is so easy to do.

At the Sumy Makarenko State Pedagogical University has been teaching English for many years. In February 2021, a group of teachers and staff (M. Drushliak, L. Epik, O. Zavialova, I. Kohan, L. Maksimenko, O. Matkovskii, I. Tkachenko, S. Dieniezhnikov) attended English language courses. During the course, we examined the features of the design of scientific articles in English, gained practical skills in working with an English-language scientific text, abstracting articles and writing reviews.

We would like to express our deep gratitude to our teacher Olena Terenko for the knowledge that we received during the courses.

One piece of advice – learn English. After all, over time, you will still understand that 75% of world correspondence is carried out in English, 80% of information on computers is also stored in this language, and most international documents, articles, literary works, instructions are written in English. And we haven't considered the film industry and the music Olympus yet. American-made films have become firmly established in our lives, and any pop artist considers it prestigious to sing at least one song in English.

Knowledge of the English language in the modern world is a kind of path to the world. Knowing this language of international communication, you will be able to achieve your goals with the help of new opportunities. And you will definitely understand that the importance of the English language is not exaggerated.

Best regards, Serhii Dieniezhnikov


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